Dog Nutrition For Those That Care – 7th November Webinar

Here’s your invitation to learn about your dog’s health and some great nutrition tips from Dr Jones and the Vet Nurse

What you’ll learn in the webinar:

EXACTLY How to Choose a Quality Food… PLUS Dr Jones‘ TOP Commercial Dog Foods
Is Your Dog ITCHING and SCRATCHING all the time?… QUICK, EASY and INEXPENSIVE Solutions to finally STOPPING the itching FAST
Do Supplements Actually WORK? The answers revealed
CONCERNED about TOXIC Flea Medications?…. Here are Dr Jones‘ BEST Holistic Flea Prevention and Treatment Options
Raw Food…Is is RIGHT for your dog?…. Here’s WHAT you NEED to know to ensure that it is HEALTHY and SAFE
CANCER in Dogs… WHY is there so much of it, and what can you give to help PREVENT it
SEIZURING DOG… Here are some NATURAL OPTIONS that can HELP without side effects
Hip Dyplasia, Cruciate Ligament Injury and Arthritis… 5 steps that YOU can Do NOW to have your dog feeling BETTER without DRUGS

As you can see, Dr. Jones covers a lot of ground here so sign up while there are still places available.

Author: admin-Ben