The Power of a Pet | Rustin Moore | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Dr. Rustin Moore tells us about zooeyia which includes the the power of the human-animal bond and the benefits of having a pet.

Dr. Rustin Moore is the dean and Ruth Stanton Chair of Veterinary Medicine in the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Dean Moore is a board-certified equine surgeon and has extensive experience in teaching and mentoring veterinary and graduate students, research & scholarship, and providing academic and scientific disciplinary leadership. An award-winning alumnus of West Virginia University and a two-time graduate of the CVM, he returned to lead the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, rising to executive director of the College’s Veterinary Medical Center, associate executive dean and then dean. The CVM has a particular interest in serving the community, and Dean Moore has a special interest in the power of the human-animal bond and zooeyia, the positive health benefits (physical, emotional, behavioral, social and psychological) on people by interacting with animals.

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