Is Bravecto Safe for Your Dog (or will it cause seizures)? – Dog Health Vet Advice

If you’ve heard the FDA announcement you may well be asking „Is Bravecto safe to give to my dog?“. This video goes through a review about the risks of Bravecto side effects, what it is used for and then discusses some alternative flea and tick options.

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Today’s #DrAlexAnswers question is: „Given the warning in Sept 2018 by the FDA regarding Nexgard, etc., which indicate potential negative side effects, which product would you recommend?“

The FDA released a memo about the isoxazoline class of drug that the products Bravecto, Nexguard, Simparica and Credelio fall under. These products are used to treat and prevent flea infestations and kill ticks.
When they were first released the recognized side effects were diarrhea, vomiting, drooling and inappetence. Over time it has become apparent that there are very rare instances of muscle tremors, wobbliness and seizures.
Incidence is very low, and there is not always a history of previous seizures. They should probably not be used in dogs with epilepsy and it will be a good idea to be cautious if there is a history of seizures, or felt to be a higher risk than normal of seizures developing.
This FDA alert was to further publicize this potential risk rather than reporting a previously unknown potential side effect. Bravecto, Nexgard and Simparica are still considered a safe and effective treatment.
There are plenty of other flea prevention and treatment products that are very effective. All come with the risk of side effects although much like the isoxazolines, the risk is very small.
Are several other tick products although in my mind the only one that is just about as effective is the Seresto collar. Other drugs are licensed for the killing of ticks but in my experience are not nearly as effective or as rapid in their ability to kill ticks. The best product to use really depends on the local risk of parasites and disease.

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