Country of Origin: Scottland and Wales

The breed was initially bred for herding. These original collies were descended from localized variety of herding dogs from Scotland and Wales. The Rough Collie had been used for centuries as a sheepdodg in the Scottish Highlands.

After the industrial revolution, dog ownership became fashionable. It is believed that the Borzooi was mixed into the rough collie, producing the longer more noble head. Today this is the the main feature of the breed.

Todays Rough Collies are more show dog than working dog. The breed has been developed to be an excellent companion animal and fits perfectly in most homes. If you are looking to herd with your Rough Colie, then you will want to seek a breeder who’s program is specifically breeding for herding instincts in their rough collies.

Rough Collies should be of sound temperament, showing little or no nervousness or aggression. Rough collies are generally great with children. The breed is considered a one family breed, meaning that have a strong bond and loyalty to their original family. Aside from a possible visual deterrent Rough collies are not considered to be affective guard dogs.

Rough Collies are generally a healthy breed. Obviously a breeder who health test and breeds only healthy dogs, will produce healthier Rough Collies. Health issues facing the breed, include Colliey eye anomaly, a genetic disease that results in improper development of the eye and possible blindness. Progressive retinal atrophy can also be an issue in this breed. Hip dysplasia, a common issue with most medium to large breeds is also a potential concern.


In addition to herding other activities this breed excels at are agility, fly ball, obedience, tracking, and confirmation.


Rough collies need consistant brushing to keep their coat in show condition. Dog’s in pet homes need less brushing maybe once a week, with a little trimming here and there.


The rough collie is beautiful and majestic. It is an amazing companion dog that will fit nicely in any moderately active home. It will be loving and attentive to its family and provide years of companionship and adventure.

Author: admin-Ben