How To Trim Dog Nails An Easy Way presents dog owner and author Clint Cora showing you how to trim dog nails an easy way. Many dog owners fear and avoid trimming dog nails but it can be done easily and safely at home.

Clint Cora has been a dedicated dog owner since 1979 and offers a FREE Basic Dog Obedience Training video which demonstrates the minimum standards all dogs and their owners should learn. Training drills are also shown. Go to for free access.

Clint has also used an indoor method to successfully potty train dogs indoors long before the pet industry came out with dog litter box systems which now complement how his dogs are trained. He now teaches other dog owners a training progression on how to potty train their dogs with a dog litterbox.

Visit Clint Cora’s dog website for numerous information articles on dog training, dog health as well as his recommendations or reviews on dog products, dog calendars/gifts and even online pet pharmacies.

Author: admin-Ben