Home Remedies To Reduce Fever a Dog

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If you want to know what home remedies to reduce fever are a dog, keep reading this article.

1. If you have identified the symptoms of fever, it is best to take your dog to the vet to find out the cause. Remember that it may be due to a more serious illness. Therefore, observe their behavior and notice if you have other symptoms in addition to the temperature rise.

2. If your dog fever is not very high, a good home remedy is to lower wet a towel with water and cover your dog in it. You should leave a few minutes wrapped in towel arising effect and dry with a dry towel when you retire wet. Of course, the dog must be in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to prevent nervous and fever increases.

3. Another way to freshen and lower the temperature is wetting a sponge or cloth in cold water and wipe the skin areas of the abdomen, armpits and English your can. Remember to dry the wet parts, for this you can use the cold air hair dryer.

4. You must moisturize your dog constantly with cold water, its temperature is already high enough to provide natural water. Also, you have to place your bed or mattress to sleep in a cool, quiet space, if the current does not meet these conditions.

5. In case of high fever, one of the most common home remedies is to bathe the dog with cold water for ten minutes. It is very important not to overdo the time since the agency can can fight the stimulus produced by the cold water temperature to rise further, producing increased energy expenditure for our dog and triggering in a very uncomfortable situation for him.

6. If the above remedies do not work, another option is to place ice packs between the hind legs of your dog and head for a few minutes. It is advisable that the dog is damp or wet for a long time because the situation could worsen, favoring the onset of a cold if you do not have.

7. If you spend 24 hours and your dog still has a fever, please go to the vet to start drug treatment, which is usually based on the oral administration of anti-inflammatory.

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