Happy 2nd Birthday, Kiska!

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How oh how is Miss Kiska two already? It feels like yesterday that we were giving her bath after bath to remove the fleas from her. I still remember my stomach churning when I saw the massive amount of them by her eyes.

I never thought this little fluff nugget would become my service dog. She amazes me every day with her skills. Between gluten detection and blood pressure alerts, she helps me in numerous ways.

So, let’s take a look back at some puppy pictures! You can never go wrong there, right?

The first picture I got with this nugget. I fell in love with her instantly. I think a part of me always knew I wasn’t going to let her go.

Adorable Great Pyrenees puppy

She adored this Kong toy, but mostly used it as a headrest.

Great Pyrenees puppy with Kong toy

She was seriously one of the cutest nappers, ever.

Great Pyrenees puppy sleeping

Always with the blep!

Great Pyrenees puppy blep

I worked in a dog-friendly office, so she got to go to work with me. Hard to believe she ever fit on the front seat of my car!

Great Pyrenees puppy on car seat

She didn’t do the frog pose often, but she did, I couldn’t handle the cuteness.

Great Pyrenees puppy frog pose

The best trio photo I got in Kiska’s early days.

Two Great Pyrenees and a Great Pyrenees puppy

Yes, I put her in pajamas. What’s cuter than a puppy in pajamas?

Great Pyrenees puppy in pajamas

Her favorite place to sleep was in the coffee table.

Great Pyrenees puppy on furniture

Sometimes, she forgot to climb all the way in the coffee table though.

Great Pyrenees puppy sleeping on furniture

She didn’t always nap in the most comfortable positions.

Great Pyrenees puppy sleeping pose

But she did always choose the most comfortable places. My pillow was her favorite place to sleep at night.

Great Pyrenees puppy on bed

Anyone else obsessed with puppy paws?!

Great Pyrenees puppy paws

She definitely had quite the sass from day one.

Great Pyrenees puppy on stairs

Mauja and Atka warmed up to her fairly quickly!

Three Great Pyrenees

She was always grumpy post-bath. But come on, how cute?

Great Pyrenees puppy wrapped in a towel

And she gravitated toward the warmest areas when she was little.

Great Pyrenees puppy in front of the fireplace

Happy 2nd birthday, Kiska!

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