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Giant breeds can destroy all the things. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people reach out to me because their Great Pyrenees has shredded their couch or chewed through a wall.

If they can do that, there’s no way standard dog toys can hold up to their giant chompers. Even the “indestructible” dog toys have been shredded by my gang.

Thankfully, none of my pups swallow the stuffing, but it’s definitely a common problem—that can lead to thousands of dollars in vet bills.

So, we’re constantly trying to find new toys to recommend—especially to our fluff-eating friends. Plus, we always want to mix up their chews, but these guys are so particular. I hate spending $50 on a bag of chews, only for them to turn their nose at them.

That’s why I love subscription boxes.

You can try a few things, see if they work for you and your pup, and then purchase more if you want. Plus, constantly rotating your dog’s toys keeps them entertained and interested.

Unfortunately, most subscription boxes won’t work for giant breeds. The toys are small, flimsy, and can be destroyed in seconds.

That’s why I’m loving the Super Chewer.

Super Chewer box

Every box comes with:

  • 2 tough toys—always fluff-free
  • 2 full-size bags of treats—always made in the US or Canada
  • 2 meaty chews—always all-natural

It’s Dog or Nothing readers can get 50% off their first box on a 6 or 12 month plan purchase! Click HERE.

Starting your subscription

Setting up your Super Chewer subscription is simple. Start by choosing your dog’s size, allergy info, and subscription length.

All three floofs can’t tolerate chicken or turkey very well, so I love that Super Chewer has allergy-friendly boxes!

And their 100% Happy Guarantee is pretty amazing.

Each month is a new theme!

Vikings of ValHowla
Sniffs From the Abyss

So what’d we get?

We got the Shakespeare in the Dog Park box. And let me tell you—it was beyond adorable.

Slingin’ Air Rose

This toy made from natural rubber and durable nylon is great for “Fling + Fetch Play.” Hold the stem, swing overhead, and watch the rubber rose fly! Pyrs aren’t typically fetch dogs, but Atka and Kiska love chasing down the ball (I just have to go get it to start the game again).

I just say they’re helping me get some exercise 😉

Treat Lock Goblet + Treat Lock Treats

This thing is so cool and really gets Kiska’s attention. Mauja and Atka aren’t really “puzzle toy dogs,” but this is amazing for tiring out Kiska’s little brain. Foster puppy is also really enjoying this puzzle treat toy.

Dogberry Pup-Pet

This natural rubber toy has a soft plush layer and a textured design to keep your dog interested. This toy is very heavy duty and my three love gnawing on it.

Merchant of Chicken Treats

These chicken and duck dog treats are wheat, soy, corn, and grain free. Plus, they’re sourced and made in the USA.

Jones Natural Chews Woofers

Woofers are 100% beef patty chews. My giant floofs can get through them fairly quickly, but they still enjoyed them.

Jones Natural Chews Lambly Links

Lamb from the USA in an edible collagen casing with no artificial ingredients.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for our next box! Foster puppy, Tikaani, is especially enjoying these new toys.

Try Super Chewer and get 50% off your first box on a multi-month plan subscription.

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