Washington to Virginia | Day 4

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A recap of day four of our move from Washington to Virginia with four Great Pyrenees and a cat! | It's Dog or Nothing

On day four, we traveled from Kearney, NE to Davenport, IA. We had planned to stop in Des Moines to see my brother—where he is working on his PhD—but we managed to miss each other as he went home to see our parents.

*Note: I’m writing these at the end of each day, so I’m pretty tired when I do. I apologize if I rant or things read strangely.

This meant we had another shorter (7 hour) day. These days have been great for getting the dogs out and exercised. They’ve been living in a hotel/car for seven days, so they definitely need the extra moving time.

There’s not too much to update on today. We didn’t encounter anything too eventful, and we kept things pretty low key.

I’ve noticed that Kaani is more gimpy on longer driving days. I’m guessing this is because his arthritic shoulder becomes stiff from the lack of movement. It’s so hard to find the balance between enough exercise to keep his joints moving, and limiting his exercise to prevent his pain from getting too high.

We finally have everyone eating more consistently—thanks to the food topper from Dr. Marty. They all go crazy for the freeze-dried raw food.

The only one still struggling with eating is Atka. He definitely shows his stress by being clingy and a lack of appetite. It’s not unlike him to go a few days without touching his food when he’s stressed.

It doesn’t help that it’s the summer and it’s getting hot—which always causes the floofs to eat less.

Even with our walks, everyone is definitely getting stir crazy—Indie included—so we were glad our hotel was on the bigger side tonight! The floofs definitely miss having a yard to run around in. Check out the zoomies from everyone.

Well, everyone except Mauja, that is. She’s six and has lived in five houses/apartments and countless hotels. She’s a moving pro at this point!

Tomorrow, we’re going to stop and see Nick’s sister, her husband, and their kiddo. This will be the first time I’m meeting my little nephew! #militarylife

It should be interesting visiting them. We’re super excited to see them, but having four dogs (one who is terrified of people) and a cat makes life more difficult. Thankfully, they have a fenced in yard, so the dogs should get some good zoomie time while we catch up.

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A recap of day four of our move from Washington to Virginia with four Great Pyrenees and a cat! | It's Dog or Nothing

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