The Best Way To Monitor & Track Your Dog’s Activity & Behavior? Felcana Go Tiny Dog Monitor 2019

This is a preview of the new Felcana Go. This is an ultralight weight and tiny activity, health and behavior tracker for your dog. Similar to other pet wearable like fitbark, pitpat, whistle, AKC link and many others this is a new type of dog wearable tech that helps get a much better sense of what your dogs activity is like on a 24/7 basis. Find out how much your dog is moving around the house, how much they sleep, are they reacting to things when you are away from home. This Bluetooth enabled tracker works with iOS devices like your iphone or ipad and lets you check how much activity and rest your dog has had while getting deeper insights into overall dog health. It can be drilled down by days, weeks or months. In this hands on I go into the design, features and functions and give you a sense on why it might make sense to have any activity tracker for your dog and why the Felcana Go might be the right choice for you.

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