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Have some questions about pet health? Well, you’re in for a treat! Chewy has teamed up with Dr. Ben Carter from Animal House Veterinary Center to answer your questions and give you tips on raising a healthy dog, cat or other pet. Great pet health always starts with a healthy heart, so we asked Dr. Carter for some simple suggestions. He give us some of his recommendations on supplements, diets, and exercises for a healthy heart that are easy for you to do right at home (or the dog park!) One question we frequently get from our Chewy friends: How do you get rid of fleas?! Dr. Carter gives us the details on how to find the best flea treatment for your pet whether it’s pills, injections or topical medicine and the possible side effects for each.

You’ve probably heard of CBD oil for anxiety, but does CBD work for pets? Doctor gives us the tea on CBD! And speaking of anxiety, we also found out how to conquer separation anxiety in dogs. Learn how to look for signs of anxiety in dogs and give your stressed dog some much needed relief. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a big part of your pet’s health too so we had to ask, should you brush your cat or dog’s teeth? How often? And most important is probably the part your pet looks forward to the least: how often to take your pet to the vet? Veterinary medicine shouldn’t be overlooked and Dr. Carter recommends taking your pet at least once a year. Know what to expect during a routine pet health vet visit? Prepare for a checkup of the whole cat and kaboodle. That means vaccinations, skin and coat health, examinations of the ears and eyes, teeth and a blood and urine test if needed.

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