DIY Healthy Dog Treat Recipe. Tasty Delights.

How to Make Healthy DIY Dog Treats Tutorial. It’s National Cook for your Pets Day, and we’re celebrating by making these Healthy Pumpkin Treats for our dogs. The better food our pups eat, the longer they’ll live, so here are how some of the ingredients can benefit your dog for a healthy lifestyle:

Pumpkin: Great for your dog’s Digestive Health, it soothes their tummy. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin A, potassium and iron. The antioxidants and essential fatty acids in pumpkin help keep your pet’s skin and fur moisturized.

Sweet Potatoes: The amino acids in sweet potatoes help maintain healthy, strong and lean muscles and also boost antioxidant activity in dogs.

Rolled Oats: Oats benefit several body organs and systems of a dog, including: skin, nervous system, stomach, spleen, lungs, and the urinary system.

Olive Oil: Olive oil prevents free radical cell oxidation in dogs, which can lead to premature aging. Olive oil prevents and lessens the effects of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It contains oleic acid, in addition to some compounds that are believed to be effective in preventing cancer.

Brewer’s Dried Yeast: Good source of Vitamin B-complex, chromium, and selenium. Boosts the Immune system. Helps prevent shedding, and is a natural flea deterrent.

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