The Funny Reasons Dogs Make EVERYTHING Better!!…..

Soo hello everyone! As it’s been a sad week or so we thought we would post this video! A bit of fun and positivity. We all sometimes love our dogs but take for granted how much they love us too. How much they impact our lives and make us the people we are. They are the reason we are happy. Reason we smile. Reason for living. My dogs 7 years ago saved me from a very dark place. I was young and making bad choices. Since having my 2 pooches everything has got better. My life. My life choices. My happiness. My anxiety has gone. I feel so better and I genuinely put it down to millie and Rupert. And then meeting someone new and having a family but the impact that dogs have on us without even realise is amazing. And sometimes we should all take a step back and make sure we are showing our dogs as much love as they deserve. Remember they won’t be around forever. Cherish them while we can. Love you all! Will keep you updated on Millie’s health. Hope this makes you all smile x

Author: admin-Ben