No One Wanted This Dog Born With An Unusual Deformity— Then One Day , His Life Changed Forever

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Beaux Tox the dog was born with an unusual deformity. And his misshapen face meant that no one wanted him. Then one day, after years of being mistreated, his life changed forever.

Beaux Tox is a yellow Labrador who was born six years ago in Texas. His original owner was a breeder, and he was one of a litter of seven puppies. But being so cramped in the womb caused him to be born with a surprising abnormality.

Specifically, the puppy’s skull was recessed into his head, bringing his eyes much nearer together than those of a normal dog. Fortunately, he didn’t have any major problems with his brain or his health as a result. But the pup, originally named Lucky, was difficult to sell.

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