Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds With Longest Lifespan

If you want a dog that will stay with you the longest, these are the 10 healthiest dog breeds that have been found in scientific studies to have the longest lifespan and least health problems.

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Ask any dog lover and they’ll tell you that the only bad part of owning a pet is that they don’t live as long as we do. We all wish our canine companions would live forever, but unfortunately they age faster than we do. These ten healthiest dog breeds were discovered to have the least amount of health problems and more likely to live longer than many other breeds.

For pet owners looking to adopt, healthiest dog breeds that are least likely to experience health problems are less likely to cost you more in vet care. However, these healthiest dog breeds mentioned in the video (and 20 more in the article) may be high maintenance in other departments such as grooming. In the linked article, we go over studies on aging in dogs and dogs‘ life expectancy, and we discuss the pros and cons of each of these healthiest dog breeds. Just remember that even the healthiest dog could have an accident or come down with a serious illness that will require expensive veterinary care, so don’t count it out completely.

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