18. August 2022

Dog Health Care Tips for a Longer, Healthier Life

Written especially for the novice who wants to go natural, Dog Health Care Tips for a Healthier, Longer Life is the first in a series of easy read books by Three Little Pitties’ resident dog health coach, Andrea Partee. In this short guide, you’ll find her refreshing, personable style makes learning enjoyable. Her dog care tips aren’t just a list of what to do but a logical explanation of why to do them and how natural things such as food and herbs strengthen the body while manmade concoctions weaken it and lead to a downward spiral of more dog health problems.

This book is for those who want to get away from the drug-for-everything world. Learn why dog dental health has become a nightmare and how to be a practical observer. You’ll find a few homemade recipes for skin and ears and how to cure dog ear infections once and for all. Included are suggested remedies you may find for purchase. Prevent and cure parasites including heartworm with herbs and learn how to do your own canine physical exam in a fun way.

Applying the tips in this short dog health guide could not only improve canine health in your house but ultimately save you thousands of dollars as well.

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