WHAT WE EAT IN A DAY | Dog Nutrition & Diet

We are talking about what we eat in a day! This has been very requested and we are discussing dog nutrition and dog diet in today’s video!

This has been a challenge to find the right formula to fit two types of dogs: 1- the type that isn’t picky with food and gains weight easily and 2- the type that is picky and struggles with weight gain.

We wanted to find something that would help both girls and make our life easier by them eating the same thing. We feed them a mix of Orijen Six Fish (or poultry) and Canisource Grand Cru (usually fish formula).

We feed them both 3/4 cup per day (plus a night time snack) according to the following schedule:
1/4 cup in the morning
1/4 cup at lunch
1/4 cup at dinner
snack before bedtime

This is perfect for Milton because she gets hungry very fast, plus she tends to be nauseous (and sometimes vomits) in the morning if she doesn’t get food before bedtime. The portion also works perfectly for Herky since she gains weight easily. She is also very happy to be eating more often! haha

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them 🙂


Herky & Milton

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