Relax your dog for health and lessen anxiety 2 hours

Artist: The Tudor Consort
Song: Pizzetta_dies irae_mess di Requiem
A page created by David Gutierrez who is a scholar in Animal Sciences . All songs tested, meaning they will work for all breeds.
However, it is best that you f the right tones for your dog. It is also best that when you would like your dog or puppy to relax that petting and love begin at the same time the music starts. This is the same theory that Pavlov the great scientist of dogs behavior. When the bell would ring the dogs psychologically knew it was time to eat by repetition when the tones, notes or chords on music begin with a song the dog will realize it is time for rest. It is very simple dog psychology. Adding pictures is a way to make the dogs feel that they are not alone especially if you only have one dog, but are not in fact all that necessary, but it is better than a black screen.
Some dogs do however will watch the TV for a short period, but do not have the attention span to zone in as they are dogs not human beings. Every dog as every human is different and finding what works and what doesn’t is they to your dogs health and relaxation. Your dog will live longer and the on set of dysplasia. For those of you that don’t know dysplasia is a debilitating hip disorder of the found more in older larger dogs, but also in smaller dogs.Keep your dog healthy with rest and relaxation. Please. Owner of the channel, David Gutierrez

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