The Boxer is an intelligent, energetic, and playful dog breed. The breed is especially good with kids, where their patiences and protective natures shine. Obviously, making the boxer a popular choice for families. If you are considering a Boxer as your next pet, here are five things you should know.

5. It is said that, the Boxer was given it’s name, because of the breeds propensity to play, by standing on hits hind legs and paw at you with it front paws. Many people may consider this cute and it can be, if the dog is careful and controlled in his play. You will need to obedience train as well as socialize your Boxer to insure his enthusiasm doesn’t get anyone hurt.

4. The boxer is an athletic breed, it will need proper exercise and conditioning to live a long and healthy life. Do not over- exercise young dogs, this may damage their growing bones. Boxers are great jogging, running, or biking companions. The breed is brachycephalic so be mindful of the heat and humidity when working out with your dog.

3. Boxers are energetic even later in life. Along with plenty of exercise they need a solid diet, full of high quality calories. A raw diet may be best for this breed. If you’re gonna feed kibble, be sure to get highest quality kibble possible. You want the kibble to be high in lean animal protein, quality fats and carbs, with no fillers and grains.

2. The boxer has a solid combination of strength, endurance and intelligence. Breed’s with these attributes should have a job. The boxer excels at a variety of activities from, obedience, agility, and flyball to service, guide and therapy dogs. Some boxers have even proven to be good herders of sheep and cattle.

1. Even though Boxer are generally loving and goofy family members. Their suspicion of strangers, alertness, and strength make them formidable guard dogs. They do well in homes with other pets, although some Boxers may be dominant or aggressive towards dogs of the same sex. Best practices is to lead your Boxer from a position of strength and toprovide consistent direction, to get the best out of your boxer.

There you have it five things anyone considering a Boxer as their next pet should know.

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