The Everything Natural Health for Dogs Book: The healthy, affordable way to ensure a long, happy life for your pet

Supplements. Acupuncture. Massage. These healthy measures aren’t just for people anymore. This guide is the perfect solution for both dog owners who are new to the world of natural pet care and those who have already come to depend on natural options for their dogs. They will learn about all areas of dog care, including how to:

  • Find a holistic veterinarian and use natural healing methods at home
  • Choose a natural, healthy diet and prevent obesity
  • Handle parasites, allergies, and other issues without harsh toxic products
  • Manage health conditions such as arthritis and gastrointestinal problems
  • Groom at home with natural products and practices

From discovering natural remedies growing in the herb garden to avoiding costly veterinary visits, this book offers readers all they need to ensure happy, healthy lives for their pet—without emptying their wallets.

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Author: admin-Ben

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